Computer Aided Design - Fall 2017

Professor Dan Stoianovici, PhD

3 Credits, JHU Homewood Campus



Location Teaching Assistant

Tue 9AM – 12PM

Maryland 310 Holly Guo
EN.530.414.2 Tue 12PM – 3PM Maryland 310 Geordan Gutow
EN.530.414.3 Wed 3PM – 6PM Maryland 226 Florian Pontani

The course outlines modern solid modeling design, analysis, simulation, and manufacturing of mechanical systems. Theoretical focus is given to fundamental Computer Aided Design (CAD) and Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM) concepts. These are sustained by numerous practical examples to provide the student with intensive hands-on experience with CAD/CAM. Implementations use the Creo design package (PTC Inc). The course has an intensive schedule covering aspects of solid modeling design, assemblies, mechanism design, dynamics, structural analysis, simulation, and manufacturing spanning an entire range of product development, from creative concept through detailed product definition to prototype development and serviceability. Knowledge acquired will likely reflect in the way that students express and implement engineering ideas. The course will enable students to use powerful design tools in their future classes and work. For additional information please see this class descripton and syllabus.

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